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USACE Announces Service Reductions at Allegheny Lock 5

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Allegheny River Development Corporation posted the following message on their Facebook page.  If you are a recreational boater on that uses the Allegheny River we urge you to read this update and to get involved.  For more information you can check out the ARDC website and Facebook page. 


Good morning! Many of you may be aware, that ARDC has been concerned, for most of our lock funding history, about the future of all of the locks on the Allegheny River. Friday, January 20, several ARDC Board members met with USACE Operations personnel, who informed us that, moving forward, Lock 5 operations will decrease to a Level of Service 3 (LoS 3), meaning 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 7 AM to 3 PM (down from 2 shifts per day, 7/365).

What this means to ARDC, is that we will have to pick up funding more extended weekend hours to match the operations hours at Locks 6, 7, 8 & 9. Additionally we learned that Lock 4 operations will be stepped down to Level of Service 2 (LoS 2) - meaning 2 shifts per day 7/365. 

This, unfortunately speaks to the trend in commercial traffic on the Allegheny - the single method by which lock operations are determined and funded by the federal government. 

We need every person who uses the Allegheny River to be aware of these changes. We MUST FUND and USE these locks. Our goal is to return operations to the Army Corps - but we can't do that if we don't FUND OPERATIONS so that people can USE THEM! 

This is important information. Please "LIKE" and "SHARE" to get the word out there. In the meantime, ARDC will be looking at how we can take our current budget and adjust it to permit additional weekend hours at Lock 5. Join ARDC today, by visiting our website and paying for your membership! TOGETHER we can make this work!

Submitted by ARDC


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