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Kenny Chesney Come and Gone; Photos and Controversy Still Around

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The much anticipated Kenny Chesney concert at Heinz Field is now in the rear view window, but I am sure that most will not forget the perfect weather, hundreds of boats and thousands of people jammed on the North Shore.   While Kenny himself did not stop to see the boaters, his No Shoes Radio crew and the Eli Young Band stopped down to hang out Saturday before the show.

As promised the BoatPittsburgh Girls sponsored by were out and about and stopped at as many boats as they could handing out koozies, Quick Reference Cards and even a few t-shirts.   If we missed you we apologize – please stop and see us at the event!

With the weather being perfect, it was a great day to take pictures of the crowds and the boats.  Be sure to check out the Photo Page and be sure to share your own.  It’s just as easy as posting them on Facebook.  Just go to the Photo Page, login and upload your photos.  It’s that easy.   Also, don’t forget that all photos uploaded in 2013 are automatically entered in the 2013 Photo Contest.   

With this year’s concert also came some controversy.  Complaints about garbage, drunkenness and altercations have flooded the media the days following the event.  Most boaters would like to think that what happens on the riverfront and what happens in the parking lots are two different things.  Either way, be sure to share your thoughts on the good, the bad and the ugly of Kenny Chesney 2013 in the Boaters’ Forum

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