Hello, I am new to boating and am in the market for a boat. I am going to look at one on Monday and am very excited. I boated with my grandfather when I was a kid and have been itching to replace my motorcycle with a new toy. I am planning on docking in Toledo area. I would like to have a boat that is able to go to the bass islands. But am unsure of what is required. I have a truck so I suppose I can pull it if need be. I am super new to all of this and am realizing how complicated it is. It is tough to get into something new that the rest of my family has not done. I live in Toledo and want to take advantage of lake Erie. Any advice would be appreciated! It can't be any worse advice than I have gotten from every single non boater that I come around... " The two best days to own a boat is the day you buy it and the day you sell it." I am chalking it up to inexperience. I understand the financial burden of a boat and am ready to take it on.