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    Cool A little guidance on how to sell / get rid of old boat

    Thanks in advance!

    I have a 16 foot Hudson 4 person boat with a 1980's 85 HP merc that I unfortunately have not been able to use the past 2 seasons. I have posted it to Craiglist looking to sell as it has been fully serviced, winterized and restored by Lenny at Millvale Marina during the 7 years I have owned it.

    Is there anyone who could advise the best way to sell and or get rid of the boat ? I am willing to listen to any offers as it is just taking up space an a very nice garage lol. I currently have it posted for $1000, bought it for $1750 and put over $1200 dollars into it with Lenny.

    Appreciate the help and support. One day I will be back on the rivers but until then my fellow captains...

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    Try expanding you reach on different cities on Craigslist. Erie, Cleveland, Altoona, Columbus, Cincy. The more the better. Granted it is a PITA, but it expands your market. You could also try as well. Unfortunately you have to pay to put the ad on that site.

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