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    Planning a girl's getaway (okay okay, bachelorette!) for late June 2019. Our big group plans to rent a houseboat on Raystown lake and spend a long weekend.

    Because we want the weekend to go smoothly, and because we come from an area that is seasonally inundated with (at times annoying, but vital) tourists..I'm looking for input/ advice/ thoughts from Raystown boaters and locals! Help us maximize our getaway experience and minimize the level of obnoxious tourist we bring to the lake, please?! We're not local to Raystown, but we're local kind of people.

    Several of us have grown up with family that boats, but none of us are incredibly experienced (aka Pops let us drive, but mostly we tubed or sunbathed). The marina seems confident in their quick video and introductory tour. Is there anything we need to worry about that the marinas may not cover or emphasize when it comes to a houseboat and the lake?

    We're looking to party. We're not looking to be the annoying, loud, rude group. We have a good time, we drink very well with others, and we're grown ups that are good at getting wild (within reason). Tips as to where on the lake we should go to find like-minded friends (Party Cove? Will our house boat make it back there? Should we/ should we not moor there overnight? Other mooring suggestions?), or warnings about places where our partying would be disturbing those looking for a quiet day on the lake (we do not want to be "those people" at all)? Any "it is so annoying when out of towner-s __" that we can avoid? We're outdoors-y and plan on bringing our kayaks and a couple of jet skis. Cliff jumping? Rope swings?

    Any suggestions for must-do-off lake excursions in the general area? We were thinking zip lining and hiking, maybe the caves.

    Thank you so much for any help anyone is able to give! We're really looking forward to this trip and experiencing the lake!
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    Not familiar with that lake but a houseboat is a stretch for somebody not that familiar with piloting a boat. Might be a good idea to hire a captain or at least find somebody experienced to get it to your spot and get it anchored then come back at the end of the weekend to drive it back to the marina. Just a suggestion but have a great time! Sounds like fun.

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    I have a camp there and am on the lake all the time. There are so many places you can go to if you want privacy. Many little coves. If you are looking for a good time, then you need to end up at the party cove. If you rent from 7 Points they get you out of the marina and out on the lake then send you on your way. I'd be glad to help you out. And I don't think anyone in the party cove has ever been annoyed by a group of drunk women
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