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    I take it the Allegheny river will be closed during the Regatta. I have never been down there for the Regatta, had planned on meeting friends on the river for the game Saturday night, but that looks out. Was on the web site, but cant find river closures. Anyone know where to get info?
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    Default no longer lists the closures.

    I screen capped it on July 22, but it may have changed. Here's what it said: Full closure Fri and Sat from noon-2:00. Fri full closure from 2:30-5:00. Sat full closure 2:30-5:00, partial closure on right descending bank from 5:30-6:30, full closure 0.0-0.1 miles all 3 rivers 9:00-10:30. This last part leads me to believe that the other full closures referenced only apply to the Allegheny according the map, unless the verbiage is bad and they're in the process of making it clearer.

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