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    Default Restrictions for june 30th?

    Saw an article about the Luke Bryan concert & they mentioned restrictions on the water by heinz field. Couldn?t find anything else. Anyone know what restrictions are there.

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    It is the same restrictions as the Kenney Chesney concert.

    Between the Ninth Street Highway Bridge at mile marker (MM) 0.8, Allegheny River, Fort Pitt Highway

    Bridge at MM 0.22, Monongahela River, and West End
    North Side Highway Bridge at MM 0.8, Ohio River.

    Any vessel operating within the area, including a naval or public vessel, except a vessel engaged in law

    enforcement, servicing aids to navigation, or surveying, maintaining, or improving waters within the regulated area.


    No vessel is permitted to loiter, anchor, stop, moor, remain or drift in any manner that impedes safe passage of

    another vessel to any launching ramp, marina, or fleeting area unless authorized by the COTP or a designated


    No vessel or person is permitted to loiter, anchor, stop, remain, or drift more than 100 feet from any riverbank unless authorized by the COTP or a designated representative

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    Just don't anchor in the navigation channel. You can anchor anywhere else, BUT the middle of the river. There are navigation buoys down there to mark the channel.

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