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    I've recently been thinking about getting a used boat and I'd appreciate any help. The exact boat is still TBD, but we're looking at boats in the 20-25 ft range.

    We live in the city and I'm trying to determine if a boat purchase is even realistic for us. I don't have a truck or vehicle capable of towing a boat so we're looking for a marina that will be a one stop shop for us in the Pittsburgh pool section - slip, indoor winter storage, service, etc. After doing a bit of research it seems like Washington's Landing might be the only marina that offers all of these services for us. Conveniently, it's also only 5 min away from where we live. Is this the only marina that offers these services or do other marinas also offer these same services?

    Does anyone else around here rely on one marina for everything? Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.


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    I believe Peggy's Harbor can haul your 20-25 foot boat out using their boat trailer, winterize it, store it, service it, and put it back in the water in the spring, and they're reasonably priced (relatively speaking). Washington's Landing charges a small fortune to lift your boat with their lift and service it. You don't need a lift for a 20-25 footer. Peggy's is near the Carnegie Science center.

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