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    Default Are there currently Solar systems to recharge batteries at dock with no shore power?

    May 2018. Recent technology only, please. Did you use a quick release system to unbolt from the boat when away from the dock?

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    There are plenty of options, but you have to define what your are trying to do. Keep a battery maintained while away and running the electrical system off battery power are 2 different thing. Cost is also a factor. You can find cheap stuff that is bad for battery life or you can spend some money and get something that is designed to monitor the battery and adjust accordingly.

    wholesale solar has boat and RV setups.

    I added 300 watt (3 100 W) panels to my camper. I have a trimetric setup from Bogart Engineering

    This is coupled to a Magnum Energy Inverter to power my AC circuits. Hands down, Bogart Engineering has the best charge controller and monitor. Compact and super efficient, the charge controller is programmable so you can program the voltage and float charge parameters based on battery manufacturer specifications. On the RV, my panels have a automotive style quick disconnect, 12V panels, so voltage wasn't a concern to me. My boat would have a different connector for aesthetics, but I sure something is available.
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