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    Default Is it unreasonable to ask for $20 if someone wants to take boat on a sea trial?

    I have a cruiser docked on a creek that is a 15 minute no wake zone ride to the river. 30 minutes round trip + time doing test drive. I figure if someone doesn?t have $20, they shouldn?t be buying a boat. I?m trying to weed out tire kickers and people that just want to go on a joy ride. It?s a $12,000 boat.

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    Cost of doing business. Remember the potential buyer has time and money invested in coming out too, and looking at it the other way if you need $20 that badly I'm really wondering if maintenance was properly kept up with. I would make that the last part of the evaluation. If they're happy with everything else and it looks like they want to go forward pending a satisfactory run then go for a ride but not before.

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