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    Default Army Corps to require boaters to wear life jackets at all locks this year

    The Army Corps of Engineers announced Friday morning that all boaters on the Allegheny, Ohio and Monongahela rivers will be required to wear life jackets while passing through any of the Corps' locks this year.

    The announcement was made at the 2018 Water Safety Summit at Aspinwall Riverfront Park.

    Boaters always have been required to have adequate life jackets on board for themselves and all passengers but the Corps announced that, while locking, boaters handling lock-through duties must actually wear the flotation devices. Seated passengers do not have to wear vests.
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    Solution looking for a problem. Has anyone drowned in a lock from falling in, ever?

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    The two girls going over Dashields really got the attention of the commander of the district. He is pushing boater safety right now. When the word was starting to go around, it was going to be all persons on board the boat. They have relaxed the directive a little so that it is just the line handlers and anyone moving around the boat while locking thru. Other districts have had this directive for years. We are catching up to them.

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    Ok but my point remains valid. What does lifejackets in the chamber have anything to do with going over the dam, which I agree is a safety issue that should get more attention.
    It's easy to enforce I guess but it doesn't make anyone safer.

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