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    Default Chicago River Boating

    Looking for any information on boating the Chicago River in downtown Chicago-as well as the small/large Calumet, Des Plains, Illinois, Ship Canal and very nearby areas of Lake Michigan. Would like to spend up to a week, and understand this is a total "urban" boating experience...steel mills, industrial facilities, high rise office buildings & condos, downtown restaurants, shopping the miracle mile, Navy Pier, etc. This ain't gonna be fishing, bonfires and wilderness beauty!

    Considering some (most) overnights on the boat at Chicago Parks Departments marinas, will trailer to Chicago, launch locally, boat is a 32 ft. combination pontoon/houseboat with 12 ft height, single inboard. Have identified the following links, but interested in any local knowledge, boaters that have done the trip, suggested stops and especially, itineraries...e.g. put in here, day one see this, overnight here, day two see this...bridge, personal safety, fuel and navigation considerations.


    10 Marinas operated by Chicago Parks Dept.

    Rental Boats, Trips & Charters

    Video Boat Tours of Chicago

    Waterfront Eateries

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    It's a great resource list you have provided, thanks a lot for that.
    However, I think you can add one more platform in your boat rentals and charters list that is they are also one of the leading boat rentals in the U.S and have recently started their office in Miami.
    Anyways keep the good job going!
    Boating enthusiast and sailor by passion and cruise consultant for a Yacht charter platform by profession. I hope I can be of help on this forum!

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