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    Default Boat Clubs - Worth it?

    So it looks like I might be moving down to Charlotte, NC in a few months. I have a 19' bowrider that I have had for 3 seasons here in the burgh and love it here! I started to look at marina rates at Lake Norman, which are quite a bit more then here & stumbled upon their 'Boat Clubs'. Basically you pay a onetime fee of $1K - $2K and then $200 - $300 per month after that on a 12 month agreement. That monthly fee covers everything under the sun except for gas (includes insurance, tubes, boards, floats, ice, etc.) You have access to different types of boats (pontoon, Jet, Ski/Wake/Surf, waverunners, etc.) They have locations all around the country, so you can use boats down in FL for example if you are on vacation.

    I'm still not sure on how 'available' the boats are and if there would be weekends where I wouldn't be able to get a boat.

    Has anybody ever been a part of one of these clubs and is it worth selling my boat and trying it out? Is it easy to get a boat whenever you want?

    Also, has anybody been on Lake Norman before? How is it?

    Thanks for the help & I will definitely miss the Pittsburgh boat life! Hopefully, I'll be able to move back sometime in the future.

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    I have been there a couple of times and it gets crazy on the weekends. A lot of accidents and fatalities. A lot of drinking and speed
    My sister had a slip at Skippers landing.
    It's a huge lake owned by Duke Energy.
    If you have a place to keep your boat down there or even have it dry stacked instead of a slip you would probably be ahead of the game
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    I lived on the west side of Lake Norman for 13 Years. Thalasso hit the nail on the head. Lots of injuries etc. On the weekends lake norman is basically a free for all, and becomes treacherous after dark due to intoxicated boaters. While we were there I pretty much covered it all from trailering, to dry stack, to wet slip all having their pluses and minuses. Rates can be a little more than here, but if you want you can boat most of the year if you aren't afraid of a little cold weather.
    I would think availability would be an issue with the boat clubs on popular weekends if thats your thing.
    Good luck with your move!


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