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2015 Mercury 4 Stroke

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    Default 2015 Mercury 4 Stroke

    When I bought my Harris 24 foot tritoon, I easily got 35mph with multiple people on board and tubing a person. Now, I can only get the boat up to 30mph with 2 people and fully trimmed. RPM maxes out about 5100 RPM. Dealer tells me nothing is wrong. I have recently been getting 21 - 25 mph. The dealer tells me nothing is wrong. I disagree with them. Any suggestions?

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    Does it sit in the water year round? I recently pulled my pontoon out and pressure washed the algae buildup on the toons and noticed a considerable improvement in performance. Not sure that would fully account for what you describe though.

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    If you still have the same prop turning the same RPM as before, then I would have to say it's a dirty bottom.

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