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    Hello! My husband Mike and I just bought our first boat and we are new to boating on the rivers. I grew up boating on a lake but I have been told that boating on the rivers is quite different. We hope to launch this afternoon and are keeping our boat at Newport marina in Pittsburgh. It's a 2001 Sea Ray Sundeck 210 (name is still TBD). I'm a little nervous, but hoping once we figure things out it'll be a fun adventure! We welcome any tips or advice and I'll be reading through these forums to make sure we quickly pick up on the common courtesies and etiquette.
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    Just be careful of the locks and dams. Some of the dams on the rivers are what is called fixed dams.

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    Nice looking boat. My family owns Newport. Welcome to the family. The big difference between the rivers and lakes is dealing with a current. That can make docking a bit tricky. Especially if the current and wind are going in the same direction. You also have to keep your eyes out for any kind of debris that floats downstream. Don't typically deal with that on lakes either.

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    Just finished the Kanawha & Ohio Rivers in August, the Missouri last year, for the second time, the Mon., Allegheny and upper Mississippi in previous
    years. All done in my 285 Bayliner.

    River Debris is always present, especially after rains. Always be observant and watch your speed and watch the weather.
    Fuel management is next. Not all marinas have fuel. We carry a 6 gallon "Gerry" can and have gotten rides into town from remote docks.
    Not all docks are listed and not all listings are accurate or even still in existent. Many towns have "free" city docks.
    Locks are not difficult. Let them know your a novice and they will give you great advice. Life Jackets are required in many locks.
    Take time to visit towns. Many have great restaurants, shops, museums and friendly & helpful people.
    Download, or buy, River charts from U S Army Corp of Engineers.
    Buy a Quimby's Cruising Guide. Lists marinas, restaurants and lots of valuable information.
    Have a safe adventure.

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