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Draft of tow vehicle pushing down on my boat cover

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    Default Draft of tow vehicle pushing down on my boat cover

    When I tow my Triton Bass Boat with cover on behind my '98 Expedition, the draft over the top of the truck flows down on to the boat cover and often causes the rear corner of the cover to pull off the boat. I am looking for some aerodynamic device to attach to the truck to divert the draft over the boat. Anyone have an idea. I know I have seen them, but do not know what they are called to even search for them.

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    rear air diverter for a 98 Expedition

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    It might be due to the technique you are using to tow your boat. It needs to be perfect so as to avoid the all possible obstacles. You need to have some knowledge so that you can prevent your boat cover from pulling off the boat. If still, you are encountering the same problem, you can take help of Auto Transport Melbourne team, who can help you in clearing all your queries and can make you're aware of the right process of towing your boat too. Good luck.

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