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When the (bleep) is someone going to invent a reliable jet ski fender?

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    Default When the (bleep) is someone going to invent a reliable jet ski fender?

    I'm tired of people trying to tie their jet skis to the boat but nothing stops the rub rash. Any new good ones out there?

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    I have seen any number of the flat hull hugger bumpers do a fine job protecting from jetski tie-ups (takes at least two, maybe three, per ski though). Not sure of any that the jetskier can keep on-board (due to space limitations) so the boater would have to have a supply of these.

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    This kind is poor: https://www.overtons.com/modperl/pro...ender&i=300528

    The clip spills in waves. There is no way to tighten them after you stick the rubber block under your seat. You have to keep adjusting and trying the new rather than tighten it while it is in place. The reviews must be curated because these fell off and floated away under average wave action. Next million dollar idea goes to ...

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