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    Has anyone bought and installed the foam decking such as Sea Dek? Just wondering how easy it is. Looks like you just cut out the size you need and glue it down. Any pros or cons out there? We're thinking of putting it on our swim platform. TIA

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    I have yet to bite the bullet, but I have read a lot about it on club sea ray. It looks like a great upgrade. Some say it heats up, some say it doesn't. Carpet can get hot so who knows, but its on my list. You might be able to get it pre cut and ready to attach. There are multiple companies that make it now too.
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    If SeaDek has a pattern for your boat, there is no cutting involved. I have also heard the good and bad about it, more good. I would say that 90% love it and won't look back. I wish I would have done it instead of replacing my carpet. I am considering SeaDek or Marine Mat for my swim platform, but I am out of boat bucks right now.

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    Its great stuff. PM if you want to discuss. I work with a great dealer out of the carolinas.

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