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    Default Fake/Scam USCG documentation letter

    Got this in the mail yesterday, it has supposedly been going around since last fall but Ive never heard of it. My bs meter went off immediately. I know my documentation is valid and paid. I also had not heard of a renewal rate increase so their fee sounded suspicious. Hope this info helps someone else avoid a headache.

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    I hate to admit it, but I bit and paid for 2 yrs. I got USCG renewal letter a week later and realized....I called USCG and they know of it and stated a lot of people bit (there lawyers are looking into it). Good news is Scammers actually did send me my documentation (USCG did have to send it to them first). I tried to get $ back for 2nd year and they refused (credit only for other documentation services...). I hated to lose the extra $, but I did get doc for this yr.
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