Hello, all. First post here, don't yet own any watercraft.

I've been thinking about my future living plans, and have been mostly focused on boat living. From my research, Washington's Landing seems like a good winter spot (at least of the marinas that list prices online), with summertime spent at Station Square. Definitely not the cheapest way to live, but given the tax re-assessment in Washington county, owning a house isn't much better (slip costs are equivalent to property taxes on the few houses I've looked at, and the boat is much cheaper to purchase).

As for my uses, I would spend most of the time docked, but would cruise around every once in a while (probably two weekends each month during Summer). Specifically, I'm looking at a 1989 Carver 3067. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with Carver boats, and also what life on the Allegheny is like.