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    Default Need new camper top

    Hello all. Been lurking around here awhile but no posts yet but looking for help/advice now. Looking for a new camper top for my Sea Ray. Any recommendations in the Pittsburgh area? More specifically, Bridgewater area? The current top is original and is in need of repair or replacement. I am hoping to move up to a newer, bigger boat next year so trying not to put too much into it unless I can get the return on resale next year?
    Boat is a 25' Sea Ray Sundancer and I can trailer it to the location.

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    Found one. Booked for April

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    Who are you going to use? Keep us updated on how it turns out.

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    Found a place in Conneautville (Conneautville Canvas). Saw another boat they did and it looked pretty good so I called them yesterday. Quite a bit cheaper than the others.

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