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    Default Boat Buying Advice Please!

    Hi All,
    My sister is close to buying a 2002 MasterCraft X-10. Its a low hour boat and has a working ballast system. She has received several pictures from the dealer and it appears to be in good shape inside and out, prop/fins included. She's also done a "boat fax" on it and it came back clear. It also comes with a trailer. We have advised her of everything we know about buying a boat (general things like testing everything, looking at it and out of the water, etc.) however we are not ski boat owners. So, we are looking for advice on things she should look out for specifically in a ski/wakeboard boat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Well, I understand that buying a boat is likely being one of the biggest investments of our life, and it is important to get the right one.
    If you are searching a boat for Wake-boarding make sure that you dictate the size of boat you need because most of the people prefer to buy a bigger boat, but it?s not quite that simple. If you are asking 2002 MasterCraft X-10, then I want to share my friend's experience that my friend is passionate about wake-boarder so he had bought a new boat, 2002 MasterCraft X-10, which shipped by boat transportation services after buying it. After transportation, we had found out that is has standard features of an electrical bonding system, Hydraulic steering with tilt helmelectrical bonding system and much more, and it is one of the best boats for Wake-boarding.

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