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    I thought you told us that during our visit! That would be great if it was here!! We had a great time!! Looks like many others did too, even though the weather was a little cool Saturday..
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    Lots of people were talking about how they'd like another excuse to do it again, and I didn't want to mention it on the forum until I saw an event leader post it themselves somewhere.

    I found it surprising talking to friends the last few days how many people got to go, and was also surprised how many people who live here didn't even know it was going on. I think WLKY, for one, did a very good job of covering the event, to include the Industry Display.

    Speaking of event leaders, I briefly got to meet the head of the Waterfront Development Corp. while giving tours. It was pretty busy, and I really wish I had time to find out more about the success of the event. It was well-liked and well-attended on the nice days, but I'd like to find out the actual costs and projected economic impact. As much fun as everybody had, I suppose the dollars will determine what's next.
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    Like most events...... Sadly it all boils down to the $$$$ :-)
    Jolly Rogers
    Regal 2150 LSC
    Capt.Ron... ( No really, That's my name) :-D

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