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    Default Highlander class sailing regatta

    The Louisville Sailing Club is hosting the Highlander regatta on Saturday and Sunday October 4th and 5th. By far the best day will be on Saturday. The first race will start about 1:00 and there will probably be about 4 races, ending about 5:00. Sundays races will start and end early so folks can trailer home.
    Wind conditions are forecasted to be 10 to 14. 14mph will be white capping and people will be swimming. If you get there about noon some one might ask you to crew/ be ballast.
    The members are real friendly and will gladly explain rules and tactics if you ask.
    Located just below 12 mile and at the upper end of Beechland Beech Rd. off of River Rd. in Prospect. Binoculars would be a nice thing to have.

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    Thanks for the invite. That passing front has left us with a day of perfect winds for sailing. Hope you have a great time, and feel free to attach some pictures.
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