Wednesday, July 30 - Saturday, August 2 - Greene Cove Yacht Club, 65 MM

As we headed to Greene Cove all was well once again. All three boats were cruising down river until we were once again about 4 miles from our destination. We got a call on the VHF that Never Home lost power on the port motor. After further inspection (always carry goggles!) we found that the prop shaft had snapped and the prop was now wedged against the rudder. It was my turn to return the favor of towing so we rafted him off the side of my boat and towed him the rest of the way to GCYC. Of course it started to pour as soon as we got underway, but it had stopped just as we were docking.

I can't say enough about how the owners and staff at GCYC went out of their way to accommodate us. Never Home was hauled out the next morning (Thursday) and Tim, the mechanic there, pulled the props and confirmed the broken prop shaft. Both props were in pretty bad shape and he figured the vibration from the bent props probably caused the shaft failure. From that point we found the prop shaft part number from the Four Winns manual that came with the boat and were all searching for a replacement on our phones (not an easy task in Greene County). We found ONE located up in Michigan; it was probably the only one in existence. Then it was time to find some props. Again the power of the internet led us to a set located up in Wisconsin. Overnight shipping was set up for everything and now all we had to do was wait for the brown truck to show up on Friday. After several nerve wracking hours of waiting Friday morning, the parts finally arrived and Tim had the boat back in the water shortly after lunchtime. A quick shakedown cruise came up positive with no issues! Again, the staff at Greene Cover really went above and beyond.

With Never Home being taken care of, it was time to finally relax! Friday afternoon we welcomed two more boats from Pittsburgh to join us for the rest of the weekend and ride home. Foxy Lady, another 381 Catalina, and Peanut Heaven and Ruby Too, a 39' Meridian helped us spend the rest of the weekend enjoying the restaurant/bar, pool, tiki bar and most importantly our good friends that dock there at GCYC. I have to give special thanks to our friends George and Michelle and Scott and Lori for making us feel at home! Without them the stay at GCYC probably wouldn't have happened and definitely wouldn't have been as enjoyable.

The only thing I missed out on was a side trip to Ozy's Bar and Grille which is up Ten Mile Creek a mile or so and down to the Riviera which is a few miles away on the main channel. I've been to both before and had a blast. Looks like we have a reason to come back next year!

Sunday, August 3 - Home Ports

I'm happy to say that the last day of the trip was pretty uneventful. We wanted to get a jump on the 4 lock, 65+ mile ride back home, so we headed out shortly after 8 am. We ran our typical 10 mph the rest of the way because heaver rains down river left the river pretty muddy and full of debris. None of us wanted to take any chances, especially Never Home with their new props. We only had one short delay at one of the locks, but it worked out well because we just threw an anchor, rafted up, and had lunch together. We hit the Point some time around 4 or 5 in the evening.

Although the trip didn't go exactly as planned, we still had a great time. I guess when you mix boating and friends you typically come up with good results. Thanks again to everyone that was a part of the trip and we look forward to another trip next year!