Sorry - was in such a hurry on Friday to get down to the boat I forgot to post part 2....

Sunday, July 27 - Two Rivers Marina (Herman's), 88 MM

After an uneventful relaxing ride up river, when we got just a few miles shy of Herman's my starboard motor stalls and then my port motor stalls also. I later find out that a coil wire came off of the resistor on the starboard motor causing it to stall. I also later found out that a bad alternator and battery were the cause of the port engine problems (since the starboard engine wasn't running and putting out 12 volts then the port wouldn't run either). So I was dead in the water and, of course, there is a storm approaching. Fortunately Absoloot Fun came to our aid and towed us the rest of the way to the marina. The captain did a great job of getting us into the dock and the crew from Never Home roped us in just as the rain began. After a nice meal at the restaurant we did some troubleshooting and had both motors running before bedtime. Although we didn't end up needing it, I'd like to thank Herman for offering assistance in getting the boat running. He's just another one of the great people that we've met while traveling the rivers.

Monday and Tuesday, July 28-29 - Morgantown Public Docks, 101 MM

After a very brief swim in the pool at Two Rivers, we decided to head to Morgantown. We wanted to stay and enjoy the pool some more, but with highs in the low 70's, it just wasn't a frozen drink/pool kinda day. So after lunch we headed for our furthest point on the Mon.

I forgot to mention that my starboard motor had been running warmer than normal the whole trip. I put a new impeller in it before we left, but it still wasn't right. I tried several things over the first few days to rectify the situation, but no luck. Well, a few miles from Morgantown it finally overheated and I ended up limping in on one motor (I had to run the generator/battery charger to keep the port motor running since I still had an alternator issue).

Once we were tied up and plugged in at the Morgantown Municipal Docks, we decided to have a tasty dinner on the Absoloot Fun before hitting the town for drinks. The municipal docks are in a great location and they only charge $15/night on the honor system. They have water and electric (although we had to tinker with some of the plugs to get them to work - and some are used up by apparent seasonal dockers). The nightlife in town was a little slow because it was Monday night, but as a college town there were still plenty of places to get a drink. If I had a faster boat I would love to come down in the fall to experience Morgantown during a WVU game. After the nightlife, it was time for bed as boat repairs were to commence first thing in the morning.

Luckily Morgantown is a large enough town that we were able to get what we needed. There was a battery shop within walking distance that tested the one alternator (it was good) and sold us two new batteries (one old one was bad). That helped, but didn't solve our electrical issues. Then we had to tackle to overheating issue. I pulled the new impeller that I installed a week earlier and found that the hub had cracked. I thought it would be an easy fix; I will just install a new impeller (I always keep at least one on board). However, the key that turns the impeller was rounded off and stuck in the shaft keyway. Fortunately the folks at the Battery Shop were able to get it out for us. Unfortunately we had to walk 2 miles to a Lawnmower dealership to find a new key. It's steel (not brass) but it worked to get me home. Oh, and to add insult to injury, my hot water tank started leaking and my new stereo quit working, but at least I had two motors running again.

On the upside, we passed an Enterprise and decided to rent a truck to use for any other parts chasing. Since we had the truck (it was a quad cab - all 6 of us could fit), we decided to go to nearby Cheat Lake for dinner and to check things out after all of the boat repairs were done. While Cheat Lake is pretty popular for boating, you can't access it from the river, so it was a nice opportunity to see some new-to-us water. We found Archie's Lakehouse Restaurant overlooking Sunset Marina. Dinner on their patio was great as we watched the sunset on another great day of friends and boating.

One thing I realized on this part of the trip is that no matter how much you prepare, things can still go wrong. I think I do a pretty good job of maintaining my boat and put a lot of time in preparing for the trip. We had gone on shorter trips this year including one to the Beaver River without any problems and we even went to Marietta (almost twice as far as Morgantown) without issue, but for some reason this trip things happened. Although my patience wore thin and anger at the boating gods grew exponentially, you just have to remind yourself that it's all part of the adventure. It's also nice to have a little reminder along the way that...