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    Default Replacing Exhaust Bellows

    When painting my drive today, I discovered that the exhaust bellows is pretty much shredded. Wondering what kind of experiences other have had...

    * Has anybody used an exhaust tube to replace exhaust bellows? I know the tube is louder, but my boat is loud anyway.
    * I read that replacing bellows is nearly impossible without a bellows tool. True?
    * Seems like this job is doable without removing the drive. True?

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    When I replaced mine a few years ago, I used the "cheater tube" and it worked great. My mechanic uses them all of the time. Much easier than the actual bellows. You should be able to use the tube without removing the drive.

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    Default remove the drive

    It is very easy to remove the drive. Also the bellow tools isn't expensive. But if your exhaust bellow is bad I bet the others are to. You can buy a whole kit on line for a reasonable price and just do them all. Just my 2 cents.
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