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    Default Boating with the baby.

    Hello all! I might be kinda crazy, but I would like to take my 4 mo old infant out on the boat. She was born 7 weeks premature, on Jan 26. Her corrected age would be about 2 mos. She currently weighs 11lbs, 1oz. My concerns are the obvious ones, like wakes, capsizing etc. Our other concern is supporting her head. I'm thinking we would be better off going slow no wake, instead of cruising, planed out. We have a life jacket, from Cabelas that is USCG approved, and fits 0-30lbs. We have not tried it on her yet, if it fits, I think its a go. We also have the required sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and the bimini on the boat. I'm just wondering, who else in the 'burgh boats with their infant, and if I missed anything for safety/preparedness. All recommendations are appreciated. BTW, my boat is a 21ft Wellcraft Eclipse sport cuddy.
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    Not an issue at all. We put him in his car seat (unbuckled belts for easy removal if necessary) for support and he was comfortable and napped. Keep shaded and cool. We use a spray bottle with some water and misted his arms/legs if it was too warm.

    If you put the life jacket on early in life, he loves it now as it is part of going boating. (going on 2 yrs old now).

    You can plane out, but go slow if you are coming up on/see wakes that are going to bounce to much.

    Shade, keep cool and they are happy.

    If you trailer, he goes in the boat before launch. That way if there is any issue with the truck going into the water, he is at least safe.
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    We sold our other boat when kid #2 was on her way. (The wife didn't want to be Preg, and on a boat with my crazy driving)

    But... once the kid arrived... it wasn't a prob. We put her in a head supporting life jacket, and had fun.

    The real concern is with the sun. You aren't supposed to put sun block on kids under 6mo of age. SO... keep the kid out of the sun !!!

    Once mine hit one... she was even on the jetski's. (at less than 8 mph)


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    As long as you're being safe I say start them out as boaters early!!! I was boating at Kinzua when I was a little guy. I even had my own baby pool on the roof of the houseboat ha...

    P.S. I moved this thread out to a more general forum so the info can be shared with any area, not just the Pittsburgh area. Thanks!

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    Our son was born April 16th we had him on the boat beggining of the season and he has been on ever since. He was 2 last year and when we would anker he would know that was time for him to go swimming he would climb over the back of the boat drop the ladder and head in, our friends were amazed. When he was an infant we had the lifejacket that has a head support in the back, it is like a little flap. We had a bimini put on because we knew he would be on it, and we also install fans in our cuddy cabin to get him out of the sun and some breeze on him. Also if you plan on having him take a nap in your cuddy, we had this little travel bed that had 4 sides and we laid it in the cuddy when he naped and we could relax while we were mouring knowing he wasn't going to roll off onto the floor. I believe we got it at target.

    I have always lived by bring the baby into your wold and have him adapt to you world not the other way around.

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