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    Cool How about a Boat Friendly Pepper-based Paint Recipe? Chili Pepper Barnacle Repellant!

    In this article, they talk about a few uses for Chili Peppers. Take a look at the second story!

    Any good sailor knows that barnacles are bad news. If enough of these water-dwelling pests clamp onto a boat’s hull, it becomes less hydrodynamic. In fact, barnacle build-ups can force ships to use as much as 30 percent more fuel. That’s why many seafarers choose to safeguard their vessels by coating them with anti-barnacle paint. The only problem is that these paints are generally filled with toxic chemicals and metals...

    Notice the inventor is from Pittsburgh!

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    cool, in pittsburgh even!
    i wonder if it would work for the zebra and quagga mussles around here?
    i bet they could make a mint spraying outdrives if it did work.

    only problem tho, i could see my tuber now
    happy new year
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