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    I think I know the answer to this but I wanted to see how some much more experienced boaters felt...

    Would it be asking for it to take a canoe onto the rivers anytime except the early morning when no one is out? The way I imagine it going is paddling along, big wake comes, capsize, and thats the end of me. I know a kayak would be a much more suitable since you sit lower to the water but I wanted to see what you all think.

    With that said, what are some good nearby canoeing waters? I've been on the Conequenessing but don't know of any other places to go. Thanks for the info (in advance).

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    I have seen some canoes out there. I can't attest to how safe it is though.

    The lower Youghiogheny River is a great place to go. Check out Hazelbaker's outfitters.

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    Anyplace on the upper Alleghany river (familiar with Kittanning and north mostly lock 8-9) usually isn't very busy on a typical weekend.

    You have to have it registered to be on the water.

    Think about making yourself visible. I know some kayaks are hard to pick out (yellow are better), some paddle colors (white) are more visible than the black.

    As far as the wake goes...stay closer to shore should something happen, shorter swim to getting it upright. If it was me, I would hunker down (lower center of gravity) and grab both sides if a big roller came and take it bow on.

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    I'm from the Dawson/C'ville area and can say that the Yough from Connellsville to Layton is an excellent run for a canoe. Mostly smooth sailing with a few small rapids to make it a little interesting. Great fishing too.

    I boat mostly on the Mon around Point Marion to Fredricktown and from what I've seen there, I would take a canoe out without thinking much about it. I consider myself pretty good in a canoe though, been doin' it for years. Wakes would be the only concern and my course of action would be to turn the bow into it and expect to possibly get a little wet. Wouldn't want to ever take a wake broadside as that would probably mean your going for a swim.

    Alot depends on the canoe also, I despise the plastic Old Town's and the Coleman's. I've got a Sportspal that is MUCH more stable.

    BTW, my first post after lurking for a year or so, I really canoeing!

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